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xXIEnterEvent Struct Reference

#include <XI2proto.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Note that the layout of root, event, child, root_x, root_y, event_x, event_y must be identical to the xXIDeviceEvent.

Definition at line 915 of file XI2proto.h.

Public Attributes

uint16_t buttons_len
Window child
uint8_t detail
uint16_t deviceid
Window event
FP1616 event_x
FP1616 event_y
uint16_t evtype
uint8_t extension
BOOL focus
xXIGroupInfo group
uint32_t length
uint8_t mode
xXIModifierInfo mods
Window root
FP1616 root_x
FP1616 root_y
BOOL same_screen
uint16_t sequenceNumber
uint16_t sourceid
Time time
uint8_t type

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